Corinthian Author To Take On Tolstoy?

»«Wednesday 1st December 2010

The RCYC has had sailing links with Russia for a while. Now those links are turning literary. A Russian publisher has approached Corinthian member Roger Taylor with a view to acquiring the Russian rights to his recently published book ‘Mingming & the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing’.

The publisher already has two other English-language sailing books in preparation: Rod Heikell’s ‘Cruising Routes of the World’, to be launched at the Moscow Boat Show in February next year, and Lyn and Larry Pardey’s ‘The Care and Feeding of the Sailing Crew’, due for release in 2012. Assuming terms can be agreed, Roger’s book will be the third in the series.

Roger comments: ‘I am delighted and also somewhat amazed at this development. I have no idea how they have chanced upon my book, which was published only three months ago. My only guess is that, as a Russian speaker, albeit somewhat rusty, I ended up interpreting for the three Russian sailors in this year’s Jester Challenge. Maybe there is a link there. At any rate, ocean sailing is often a version of War and Peace, so maybe I can give Tolstoy a run for his rouble.’

Roger Taylor