Just Acquired

»«October 2010

An exciting addition to our archives has just arrived, courtesy of eBay. It's a silver medal showing a scene of the clubhouse with a laurel wreath and crown on the reverse. It is dated 1872 but that refers to the creation of the club not the date of the medal, which must have been struck shortly after the opening of the clubhouse in 1931.

The view of the clubhouse shows it before the alteration of the lower balcony width and before the building of the submarine bar as the river sweeps underneath the balcony back to the sea wall, so it must have been struck during the early years of the new building, 1931 or 1932.

If it was struck to celebrate the opening, as seems possible, there may be many more examples available but this is the first time we have spotted such an item.

It weighs 2ΒΌ ounces or 64gm, measures 51mm in diameter and is in almost perfect condition.

Wendy Eagling