The Endeavour Honours Board

»«October 2010

For some years it has been agreed that RCYC needed a permanent and accessible record of the winners of the Endeavour Championship. The winning plaques on the actual silver trophy only reach 1974 and the half model, which records the full list, always goes home with the winner.

There have been several attempts to plan such a board, all abandoned for being too cumbersome or just 'not right'.

The problem was solved when Edwin Buckley thought that a half model could be an intrinsic part of the design and John Bertola, whose workshop is at Wat Tyler Park, Pitsea, was commissioned with its creation. The half model is fully decked and fitted with bold lettering above.

Silver plaques under the model hold the winners' names until 2009 and the model is located in the Sopwith Bar in the dining room. A mirror is yet to be mounted above the model and tilted at an angle so that the details of the deck can be seen. The model was funded by Edwin and Pat Buckley and Robin Judah.

The model was unveiled at the Endeavour Dinner on Saturday 2nd October 2010 by Robin who was our Guest of Honour.