»«Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th September 2010

During the weekend of 11th & 12th September RCYC took part in the Heritage Open Weekend as we have done in previous years. This is a National Event when members of the general public can get behind the scenes and visit places that are not normally available.

This year our visitors ranged from as far afield as Norfolk to Burnham residents. They usually comment, "I've walked past your front door for years and today I can come inside!"

Some visitors are particularly interested in our building from an architectural view, others are intested in the sailing but all of them are impressed by the spectacular view from the dining room windows as we take a tour of the building. This year I was helped by Lynn Frost, Annie Reid and Philippa Munro, to whom many thanks.

The Saturday was further enlivened by a visit from Marshall Gaffney, his sister Sally and their respective partners. Marsh and Sally are the children of Marsh and Marion Gaffney, well-loved members of the sixties. Marsh sailed a Dragon, Chickadee and I found the Horace Pitcher Cup which Marsh senior had won in 1966.

It was really enjoyable to reminisce about those days and other characters of the times, joined by the Heasleys, George Winder and others who had a memory to add.

Wendy Eagling