Corinthian Old Gaffers Sweep the Board

»«Thursday 19th August 2010

Three small gaff rigged boats left the Crouch to take part in the 38th Swale Barge and Smack Race based at Harty Ferry - Roy Hart's Memory Greensleeves, Mick King's Memory Three Sisters and Harry Lymer's Itchen Ferry Gem with Ray Austin at the helm.

We met Orla, who was there to watch the fun and an additional Memory Touchstone owned by Lloyd Walker who has a Heard 28 under rebuild at Rice & Cole.

All three Memorys took part in Class 2a (gaffers under 25') with Greensleeves taking 1st, Touchstone 2nd and Three Sisters, with Pete Willets crewing, in 4th. Mick was suprised and shocked to pass other larger boats at speeds he wasn't used to after Ella Rose.

Gem in Class 1b (ex-fishing vessels) came 1st, beating another,larger Itchen Ferry.

Altogether a successful weekend for the Crouch Mafia.

Mick King