Latest News of Roger Taylor and Mingming

»«The Jester Challenge 23rd May 2010

Roger and Mingming are off on their annual voyage and expect to be at the Plymouth Breakwater at 1400h this Sunday the 23rd May, to take part in the latest Jester Challenge. However, the details of the voyage could be reviewed!

"However if conditions are right I may very well divert to make my landfall at Cape Dyer, Baffin Island instead, thereby getting into the Arctic Circle to the west of Greenland, via the Davis Strait, and mirroring last year’s voyage into the east Greenland ice and the Denmark Strait. As that route is all clear of the hurricane zone it would allow me to make a complete round trip, probably of about 80 days’ duration, in one season. As ever, everything will depend on the conditions that prevail once I’m at sea!"

The Corinthian Cruiser Fleet has already been privileged to hear the details of Roger's last voyage and this winter has been spent preparing to publish accounts of his latest experiences. His next book is expected to be ready this August or September