The Packard Ladies

»«Saturday 27th March 2010

The Fitting Out Dinner was an eminently suitable occasion to introduce the Packard Ladies' Cup. The presentation of a new trophy is always special, particularly a trophy with such an interesting provenance. It is purely because of the cup's history that it has taken on a new life as a true Corinthian Trophy.

Celia and Nina Packard won this cup in Burnham Week 1899 for their performance in JUNE, their Orwell One Design. Two first places, a second and a third was enough to secure their position and in those days the hall-marked, silver cup became theirs to keep.

The cup was presented by Mr Devenish, under the flag of the Eastern Yacht Club and when Celia’s only child, Austin Packard Farrer, made his will, he offered the cup to the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, being the natural successor to the London Yacht Club which had amalgamated with the Eastern Yacht Club.

A promise was made that the cup should be sailed in memory of his mother and aunt, two intrepid yachtswomen, despite their long skirts and unsuitable hats!

There will be a race for the ladies later in the season, the date and the rules to be announced. It is to be hoped that the ladies will keep alive the memory of Celia and Nina.

Wendy Eagling