Happy Birthday Sail Mail!

»«Tuesday 23th March 2010

If you subscribe to RCYC Sail Mail, you will have received Edition 51 in your inbox earlier this week, marking a complete year since Edition Number 1. (The Christmas 2009 edition covered two weeks.) We hope that you welcome its arrival and do not consider it in the junk mail category.

Sail Mail Survey Response

In Edition 51, we asked for feedback regarding Sail Mail. Twenty members replied to this Sail Mail Survey and included some interesting suggestions, two of which have already been implemented. We now have...

  • Race warning signals available from the home page
  • News stories as well as just forthcoming events in Sail Mail

Overall, the responses were all positive - it is gratifying to discover that the Sail Mail is welcomed, and is seen as a further way of keeping in touch with the club, especially for distant members.

Opting out of Sail Mail

A handful of members have opted not to receive the Sail Mail for one reason or another. For those that have, we would like to reiterate that there is a strict policy concerning advertising - just as you will never receive advertising materials with your monthly account and 'dotcom', you will not be bothered by junk emails from our database. In the past year, the only non Sail Mail email sent out using our database concerned the death of a former commodore.

However, this News item is a kind of advertisment. If you have never received Sail Mail or it seems to have stopped, please contact us and that can be easily rectified.

Sending out Sail Mail

Each week we instruct the website to send Sail Mail, and 328 emails are sent to individual or shared addresses, of which a certain proportion bounce back. This means that the database contains incorrect information - the recipient has probably changed their email address without either informing the office or logging in to make the changes personally. If you suspect this might be true in your case, contact us and the changes can be made so that you can receive the next edition.

Receipt of the Sail Mail is really a short cut to the Corinthian website; although some members are regular visitors, many members have yet to log in -this maybe a reluctance to dabble with technology in case it goes wrong. Rest assured that there is always help available from your support team, just contact us and ask. Have you changed a phone number or your email address recently? Then most practical reason for logging in is to change personal contact information which is so important; it will keep the List of Members up to date, ready for the next printing (which is imminent).

Why do I need to login sometimes?

Some members may ask why there is a need to login on occasions, and that is a fair question. Logging in is necessary to enter the Forum, an area of the website that has been under used, (but that could change!) Sometimes it is necessary to login to read a story which is felt relevant to members only rather than the world at large. However, this very survey has raised subjects for inclusion on the website which if implemented, would be reserved for members only, necessitating logging in.

Photo of the Week

Using a different photo each week has become a custom and examples from Alice Tavinor, Eric Daniel and Tony (sunsets a speciality) Bone have helped to fill the space. Photos of the club are always welcome.


To add some pictorial interest to this story, I have chosen some favourite photos over the past year and paid them the honour of creating a gallery. To access these, either click on one of the little pictures, or 'thumbnails' or click on 'View Gallery' which can be seen on the right of the screen under the photos.

Wendy Eagling