Mothering Sunday

»«Sunday 14th March 2010

This was the weekend given over to the youngest members of RCYC. The Otters filled the clubhouse at lunchtime on Saturday as the sailing groups all moved on and met their new trainers whilst the Sunday was set aside for Mothers and Families. The dining room was filled to overflowing with the table posies bringing a welcome hint of spring to the occasion.

Mothering Sunday at RCYC was a master piece of organisation. Firstly on the part of the Chef, Dean and his staff who kept the food for lunch flowing for over two hours non-stop and secondly, on the part of the mothers who had got those babies timed to perfection and never underestimate the skills thereby!

There was not a squawk or a whimper from the tinies and the toddlers all sat up and tucked in with never a tantrum in sight.

The greatest difficulty was in the manoeuvring of the 4x4 baby vehicles in a dining room that was bursting at the seams but everybody managed and there was much swapping of babies and comparing of notes. I think everybody went home with the right one!

It won't be long before the newest arrivals introduced to us all on the Sunday will be joining the new pond group with the Otters...

Wendy Eagling