A Real Team Effort

»«Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st February 2010

When it was suggested in the early days of March that the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club should have a presence at the Brentwood Wedding Fayre, Annie Reid's first reaction was that such ventures usually take weeks to plan and there were only days available! Would it be possible to create a stand that would be worthy in such a short space of time?

However, Tony managed to book a stand at short notice so RCYC was committed and Annie began to muster her troops.

Kate tracked down the brides and obtained permission to use their photos, Edwin produced a wonderful aerial photo of the Club for the folder and Sarah Buckley designed both the folder cover and the flyer, enabling Edwin to get the printing organised. Andy Barr used the same photos to produce the screens behind the stand, Danny produced a place setting with engraved glasses, Pat Buckley provided the elegant flower arrangement and Rowena Jones pulled it all together at the event.

The Wedding Fayre was set up on the Friday so Annie, Rowena, Kate and Danny arrived with all the gear. The stand measurements were incorrect so the screens did not fit - fortunately Rowena is handy with a Stanley knife! Once the table setting was in place, Pat's flower arrangement was the finishing touch

Tony and Kate manned the stand on the Saturday and Danny and Brenda followed on the Sunday. Dick Lonton and Val were in the area on the Saturday and paid a visit. "The stand was very impressive and gave a good overall picture of what the club can offer as a wedding venue. The photographs told the story and the small table with place setting complete with club china was really eye catching - it all looked tastefully elegant. Congratulations all round especially to the Staff who worked hard that weekend to present the Club so professionally."

Meanwhile back at base...we needed all this on the website as an easy reference for interested clients. Mark spent some time building a new section on the website that would accommodate any function that we cared to offer in the future, not just weddings and I drew the short straw and had to produce the copy. Believe me, this is no easy task – flowery and poetic language to persuade those who would be wed, that the Royal Corinthian was just the right setting for their Special Day, can easily become cheesy....

What you see on the website ( top-level link FUNCTIONS) is just the beginning of a campaign to encourage the use of our beautifully appointed building to earn some income. Keep an eye on it as it develops.

Wendy Eagling