Three Jester Skippers...

»«Sunday 14th February 2010

RCYC was honoured by the presence of not one, but three skippers who had all taken part in the Jester Challenge of 2008. Corinthian member Roger Taylor, who was ready to tell of his latest exploits of Summer 2009, was joined by John Apps and John Margarson who had both come to hear of them.

In the last Jester Challenge John Margarson sailed Lucy, a 28ft Kelt finishing on 12th June with John Apps sailing Glayva a 27ft UFO to finish on the 15th of the month. Mingming arrived on the 21st, a remarkable achievement for the smallest boat entered at 21ft.

Roger may reject modern navigational technology when he's at sea but he's a 'dab hand' at exploiting their use on terra firma ! With a deft weaving of stills and video footage, his audience shared his last voyage, with the silences of vast seas, broken by the sounds of waves and the creaking of Mingming's rigging as he steered her through the ice floes within the Arctic Circle.

Taylor, Apps and Margarson are the embodiment of a special kind of sailing which the audience appreciated but are unlikely to emulate!

Sunday's meeting was the last of the Cruiser Fleet's winter lunches and Sue King, the Fleet Captain, hopes to see everybody at the Fitting Out Dinner on 27th March.