Otters in Burnham Week

»«Saturday 29th August to Saturday 5th September

Although Burnham Week was originally designed for the adults, it is nice to see so many Otters and ex-Otters taking part in several classes, for example the 707s and Dragons.

I was sailing in the 707 class and the event started with a very competitive first weekend, 14 boats in the class and 10-15 knots of wind. After a day's sailing, the ex- Otters were taking advantage of the Pimm's tent in the bar while the oldies complained about aches and pains! Struggling to make an early start again on the Bank Holiday Monday, it proved to be worth it as it was another great day of sailing with perfect conditions.

The racing became less competitive for the midweek series, and the wind became more challenging. On the Tuesday a boat of experienced Otters and ex-Otters started to take control of the family owned 707. This worried a few of the oldies! Racing was cancelled for all of Thursday and Friday afternoon, much to the relief of boat owners, fearing they might have to splash out on repairs!

By Saturday morning the breeze had settled down, providing another fantastic day's sailing for all the fleets.

The final social event of the week was a dinner for the adults, then impressive fireworks from the balcony. The week was then nicely rounded off by Zoot Goose playing in the Crouch Yacht Club. It was a very enjoyable week.

So Burnham Week 2010, come on Otters, let's show the adults how it’s done!

Bethan Prestwich