A Murder Mystery Party

»«Friday 15th May 2009

Nearly a hundred would-be detectives joined forces with the Murder Squad for the annual Otter fundraiser. The Murder Squad, an amateur dramatic company from Leigh-on-Sea, was headed once more by an ever enthusiastic Inspector Banks.

Once the performance got under way all eyes were on the Murder Squad as the ten teams eagerly awaited clues that would lead to them winning the almighty prize – leftover chocolate from the Otter Easter Egg some four weeks ago! Some of the audience got particularly well acquainted with Paul ‘Who dear, me dear, gay dear; yes dear’ Maynard, even though this merely reflected the amicable nature of the evening. Paul did turn out to be the infamous murderer, as guessed correctly by the majority of the teams.

Team ‘Inspector Mike Hunt’ emerged the victors, rounding off a successful evening which raised around £450 which will go towards the maintenance of Otter RIBs.

I would like to thank everyone who supported the event; main club members, Otters and friends alike as well as the Murder Squad for another highly commendable display. Most importantly I would like to thank my fellow Flag Officers, for without their drive in selling tickets, the event would not have been possible.

Alex Willsher