Squibs in Burnham Week

»«Saturday 23rd - Saturday 30th August 2008

The largest fleet at Burnham Week was once again the Squibs with 23 boats and 56 various crew combinations. The quality of the fleet produced seven different winners across the nine races with the weeks' points winner still open entering the final race. The number of entrants ensured everyone had their own boat to boat battles and a lively social calendar gave lots of opportunity for incidents to be discussed and enjoyed.

The weekend points were settled on Sunday after two wins by Robert Coyle and Mel Titmus, Humphrey, 823. Peter Marchant & Richard Sullivan, Tears for Fears 801, won the Monday race and secured the runners-up prize. The reduction in wind strength in mid-week opened the door to light wind maestro Chris Goodfellow and crew Martin Hipsey, Trophoblast 761, with two wins whilst ex-Otter rookies, Alex Shanahan and Tom Coyle Crackers 25, posted the most celebrated win of the week as the youngest aged combination.

Malcolm Hutchings and Andy Ramsey, Lady Penelope 819, kept themselves in the hunt for the week by never being out of the top two as they registered their win on the up-river course. Friday's Duerr Trophy race saw Robert, Malcolm and Chris all able to win the week. Chris lost his chance with a poor start leaving Malcolm to win a tight battle to the line to win the Trophy, mid-week and overall week's prizes.

The long Burnham Bowl race on Saturday seemed even longer and more arduous for the fleet following late night activities at the class dinner. Paul Buckley nursed Electra 709 and his headache around the course to a well deserved victory.

Phil Aspinall