420 Inland Championships Rutland

»«20th - 21st September 2008

After checking how light the wind was going to be I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to the Inlands. Eleni and I arrived at Rutland SC hoping that the wind would pick up, given we had had more training in windy conditions. The setting was easy to choose and we rigged the boat ready for an 11:30 launch.

It was a popular event (over 40 boats) and the slipway was just as bad as the A1 back to London (pretty s-l-o-w)!!! So we thought a beach launch might be faster, little did we know that the beach was actually sticky, thick, oozy mud! Needless to say we nearly lost our sailing shoes and we launched last!

After a disappointing first race due to a poor beat and run, we were determined to do better and went for a committee boat start, awesome but scary for some other unfortunate boats that happened to be nearby. Towards the end of the 3rd race the wind disappointed us all and dropped from about 3 knots to nil. The committee had to abandon the race as it changed from who can go forward the fastest to who can go backward the slowest!

When we arrived on Sunday there was NO wind! We hoped to go sailing but as the morning dragged on with a postponement, it seemed non-existent and we ended up waiting around more than anything.

Overall this was a very good event with a lot of laughs and tanning! (The best way to end the summer).

Corinthian Otters Results:

11th and 2nd girls : Amy Seabright and Katrina Brewer
14th and 5th girls : Eleni Morus and Henriette Brand

Henriette Brand