420 Autumn Series

»«Sunday 21st September 2008

The 420s are testing a new format of racing for their Autumn Series, starting after the keel boats from the RCYC line and racing around the "river marks." The first race tested their navigational skills, as they all took to the water clutching their coursecards (and passports in case of mistakes!).

Emma's experiece in keelboats on the river helped significantly as Harriett and Emma took an emphatic win. Sarah and Taz recovered from an early navigational error to take second. The Laser boys had a rapid course in spinnaker handling too.

Everyone agreed that it was good to try something different and they are all looking forward to Race 2!

1st Harriett Smith, Emma Tavinor
2nd Sarah Chowienczyk, Taz Wichard
3rd William Matthews, Matt Young
4th Tom Waples, Jamie Waterhouse