Try Sailing Day

»«Saturday 17th May 2008

The Corinthian Otter and RCYC Try Sailing morning on Saturday 17th May attracted over 30 children as well as their parents and adults (50 in total), some of whom wanted to try as well.

Any parent or adult who wanted a sail was delivered by RIB to Andy Prestwich's 707 to see if they liked the experience despite the fact that it was constantly drizzling and the temperature was 10?c lower than the previous weekend - an excellent way to show them real sailing!

Although the weather was cold, the winds were benign and it enabled all the visiting children to be fully kitted out in buoyancy aids and even waterproofs (thanks to generations of Otters leaving spare gear in the changing room). They were then delivered by RIB to either a Cadet, a Laser or a Topper in order to give them a flavour of sailing and, unlike previous years, no boat sank and no one got wet.

The parents, watching from the balcony were also able to view the latest inshore lifeboat of the RNLI which was paying a courtesy call to the Club.

Our thanks to all parents, Otters and Club members who helped, with particular thanks to Alex Willsher, the Otter Vice Commodore whose publicity drive with local schools helped swell the numbers.

Stuart Munro