Otters’ Murder Mystery Party

»«Friday 18th April 2008

On Friday the 18th of April a group of eight actors and actresses travelled to the club to provide members with an evening of investigation. Split into teams of ten, each team had to play the role of detective for the evening to see who was causing the trouble at Rilloby Hall.

The evening was split into three parts; a sketch, detailing the lead up to the murder and introducing each of the characters, an investigative act where the detective Harry Harris questioned each of the suspects, and then finally a question and answer session where each team was able to ask one question to one of the suspects. However many of the questions were misused and in turn directed at the daughter of the murder victim who was wearing a corset!

Each of the three sections provided us with crucial hints and clues to the murderer and the motives, which most of the teams picked up on leading to a one point difference between first and second places and earning the first placed team a bottle of wine. The acts were spread over a two-course meal, with compliments going to the chef for the excellent food.

The evening was a great success, attracting a spread of people from across the club. There were Dragon, Squib, 707, Optimist, Cadet, Laser and 420 sailors of all ages as well as many parents. In the end 104 people attended resulting in a £583 profit for the Corinthian Otters, which will go toward maintaining the fleet of safety boats.

Thanks go to everyone who got involved.

Katherine Prestwich