The Endeavour Trophy is the Star Attraction

»«1st & 2nd March 2008

The RCYC's stand at the RYA Dinghy Show over the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of March was a golden opportunity to publicise the Club and the Endeavour Championship, backed by a spectacular display to close the event. The Endeavour Trophy was the centre piece of both the Corinthian Stand and the closing event of the show.

Edwin & Pat Buckley, Martin and Mary Makey, Tim & Sarah Matthews and Stuart Munro manned the stand over the weekend and were on hand to answer the questions raise by the interested passers-by.

The climax of the weekend was the presentation by the RYA of the Corinthian and the Endeavour Championship. The emphasis was that this event was the natural culmination of the RYA's planning, training and encouragement of all the national fleets to find their individual champions. This is the necessary qualification to enter the Endeavour Championships to discover 'The Champion of Champions'.

Edwin was able to tell the story of the connection between the Trophy and the event and the dreams of Beecher Moore and Robin Judah. This was followed by a video made from footage of last year's event with good quality shots of close racing and an interview with last year's champion, Steve Tylecote.

Many other past champions were present and, introduced by Digby Fox, spoke warmly of their pride and sense of achievement at having taken part, let alone winning! The show, presented to a packed audience, ended with a parade of dinghy sailing National Champions from across the classes and the firing of confetti cannons to bring the event to a close.

As Tim Matthews said later, "The stand at the RYA Dinghy Show was a great PR and promotional opportunity for the Club and reinforced our status as a quality, racing venue capable of hosting the best of national events."

Wendy Eagling