Mingming sails North

»«Sunday 17th February 2008

Roger decided that, although spurning modern communications technology, video recorders did not count, so, armed with his latest purchase, he set out to make a video diary. With no time to practise before setting out, he had to learn the tricks under sail, no mean feat.

Te greatest challenge was the problem with making a commentary in the strong winds; his words as he filmed were often lost as the wind rasped across the microphone. However, with voice overs and subtitles created once the voyage was over, he told his story.

The highlight of his voyage was the encounters with pilot whales. On the outward trip, between the Faroes and Iceland, Mingmimg sailed in close company with a pod of more than 200. The still shots gave little idea of the overall scene but the panned views showed the little boat completely surrounded as the whales leapt and dived, keeping pace with their new travelling companion..... Roger described it as one of the most moving moments of his life.

After sharing that most British of summers, cold grey seas reflecting cold grey skies, we then went on to share that most English of Sunday lunches, Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding! With advance copies of his book "Voyages of a Simple Sailor" available, Roger settled down to sign copies for a queue of friends.

Mick King finished the Corinthian Cruisers Winter Lecture Series by thanking everyone for their attendance, reminding us that next Sunday we were supposed to be wielding the varnish brushes in readines for fitting out and welcoming us all to return in November in great numbers for the next lecture in the 2008 series.

Wendy Eagling