The Cruisers like a good lunch!

»«September & October 2007

Ever since the David Eagling Memorial Trophy was instigated in 1995 it has been traditional to sail and struggle with a quiz. We haven't missed a year which is really remarkable.

But not this year.

Our first attempt to race on September 30th was abandoned through lack of wind. We all crossed the line, mostly backwards; however we gave up shortly after the start and seven boats, Phylla, Fanny's Prospect, Odjob, Spangle, Good Hope, Ella Rose and Sprite wisely motored up to North Fambridge.

There we lunched and we held the quiz for which Katherine and Duncan Becker had kindly donated a trophy, having been part of the winning team Spangle last year. The new trophy was won by Ella Rose and Team Eagling. There was some skulduggery however, one boat 'Phoning a Friend' but getting the Vice Commodore instead who didn't know the answer either!

So we changed the plan and decided to sail for the trophy as part of the Cruiser lunch trip to Brandy Hole in October.

But not this year.

Our second attempt was abandoned through lack of wind. This was a shame as we had seven sailing boats and one motor boat attending. Thirty-two people sat down to a traditional Sunday lunch at Brandy Hole Yacht Club, twenty-eight arriving by boat. We have now sussed out how to get cruisers taking part in events, just put "lunch" somewhere in the title.

So next year we may have;

"Cowes Cruise; with lunch",
"Trans Atlantic Cruise; with lunch" and of course
"Around the World; with lunch!"

Mick King