The Otters visit the AHOY Centre

»«1st & 2nd September 2007

On the Saturday morning we went out racing on the Laser Strattoses which are basically dinghies with keels. We sailed near the Millenium Dome on the Thames. We managed three races and George Ayres' team won.
The girly Otter boat was extremely noisy and they all sat at the front of the boat sunbathing, but when they realised they were on a collision course with a ferry they certainly moved the fastest we have ever seen them!
All through lunch Dom was nagging and nagging Tony the chief volunteer to let us have some trapeze harnesses; finally just before we went out again he gave in!

The afternoon wind was perfect for trapezing. We tried to sail to Tower Bridge but dodging the tourist boats was pretty difficult. A falling wind and very strong tide meant we only got as far as Shadwell before we gave up. Our boat had one trapezer on each side at the same time! When we finally got back in we all went back to Liz's where we were supposed to be playing football on Black Heath, but no-one could be bothered so we sat in the living room watching DVDs, and supposedly sleeping!

The next day dawned and the Otters awoke and trooped down to the AHOY centre, we certainly weren't at our brightest! We went to see the sights of London via a RIB on the Thames but this was just really an excuse to go blasting in the powerboats. However we saw the London Eye and Westminster and lots of other interesting places.

Joe Tavinor & Liz Chowienczk