Mingming goes North

»«Saturday 30th June 2007

This is Roger, talking of his plans.

"I have 40 to 50 days at my disposal. Minimum aim is to circumnavigate the Faroes and Rockall, bringing Mingming back to Plymouth ready for next year's Jester Azores Challenge. However if I get a good start for the difficult initial run up the east coast past the Shetlands, then I hope to make it to the north east tip of Iceland, to stick my nose into the Arctic Circle (66 33N). Then again down past Rockall to Plymouth. I don't intend stopping anywhere, but if I do get to Iceland it would be nice to sail up the Seydisfordur if conditions are favourable.

"However - the best laid plans... maybe I'll just end up at Pin Mill.

I bet he doesn't!

Wendy Eagling