Otters 'Try Sailing Day' 2007

»«Saturday 9th June 2007

Contrary to the forecast, the weather on the day was perfect to take the 20 or so eager children afloat for this year's Otter 'Try Sailing Day'.

With a warm breeze and a fair helping of sunshine the day went off smoothly, unlike previous years when the weather did its best to deter any newcomers from ever venturing on the water again.

Much thanks goes to Mick Hill, for acting as floating creche on the day, and to Duncan Ayre for ensuring that our Cadet helms didn't do anything to frighten off these potential new sailors.
And the day would not have been possible if not for the efforts of Gemma Cahlahane and all the other Otter parents, too many to mention, that helped make the day a resounding success.

David Kennedy