The Cruisers Slip Their Moorings

»«Sunday 20th May 2007

The cruisers got off to their usual late start with our first cruise of the year all the way to Brandy Hole Yacht Club , who once again made us very welcome and provided an excellent lunch. Five boats sailed most of the way up there and four sailed back, the Cruiser Captain, being a gentleman, refused to sail to windward which had nothing to do with his new sails that only went on at five thirty that morning!

It was heartening to see some new members attending, as well as those that came "tarmac over tide" and the Heasleys in their little motor boat. It was also good to see the Mays and Mansours on a visit down from The Royal Harwich. Forthcoming attractions are the East Coast Cruise at the Whitsun weekend and a Barbecue on the Branklet in June.

Mick King