RYA Training for the Otters

»«Saturday 19th May 2007

Although training was initially aimed at fleets with younger sailors, heavy weather extended fleet participation to include some of the senior fleet. Aoife Cahalane, Ella Waples, Hayley Minks, Sam Barr and Tommy Gullen took the brunt of a force 5-6 in morning training enabling them to show a level of sailing skill that, by James's own admission, surprised him. Well done all of you.

A controlled stream of younger sailors went out later in the morning. So, a special mention goes to Robert Main, Alison Aspinall, Jamie Adridge, Jo Sadler, Joseph Barr and Albert Waples for braving conditions that challenged their level of expertise, very well done.

A force 3-4 (gusting higher) in the afternoon enabled the junior fleet to take advantage of valuable training. A triangle course was laid to the left of the pontoon ensuring tight safety measures were in place. We are extremely proud of Louis Brand, Harry Cole, Tom Dalman and Robert Main for braving the elements and honing their budding sailing skills. Two juniors get a special mention, Isabella Minks and Alex Dalman who surprised us all (I was open mouthed!) by demonstrating endurance and skill above all expectations. Unbelievable! Well done.

My thanks again to James Brown, trainers and parents who helped make this day a success.

Gemma Cahalane