Oppie Start of Season at the Pond

»«Sunday 22nd April 2007

The Otters covered rigging the Optimist, crossing the boat and the tack manoeuvre on the land rig before they took to the water for, in many cases, their first sail. All parents (me included) beamed as they watched their children steer a straight course, go about successfully from broad reach to broad reach. Even those who were shy on the land rig were jumping with enthusiasm for additional turns. Happy days!

The Otters all drew pictures of the Optimists and shared some of their thoughts:

'I think it was fun and exciting,' Ben, age 7.
'I had a fun time sailing,' Colette, age 6.
'I think sailing is better than football. Tacking is the bestest!' Luke, age 6.

On a weekly basis the junior fleet is awarded a trophy. Colette Bacon was awarded the trophy that week for overcoming 'butterfly tummy'!

Keep the pictures and comments coming in and let us know of any tales of wonder that you would like to share.

Gemma Cahalane