Easter Egg Open - Oppie Report

»«31st March - 1st April 2007

We managed two races over the two days which, whilst may not sound much, was a great credit to all who took part. For the most part and for the younger members of the fleet the conditions were survival rather than race!

Well done to Joshua Crisp, Robbie Hooper, Tom Corrigan and Fleur Page; all four are excellent experienced sailors and managed the conditions well. However, a huge well done goes to Freya, Henriette, James, Sarah and Aoife, all much less experienced but all out there, trying their best and taking part.

I think it is fair to say a good "shake down sail"! But also many lessons were learned and the rest of the season should be relatively straight forward following this.

The Oppies would like to thank Paul Noonan, the Race Officer, for setting good courses and remaining patient throughout and all the rescue boats and shore team for an excellent weekend.

Nick Hutton-Penman