Otter Quiz Night

»«Saturday 3rd February 2007

Mick Hill, ably assisted by his hard working scorers Hilly and Richard, ran a most enjoyable Quiz night. The graphics and other technological features were amazing!

Maureen and I joined a small but select group, Andrew and Lindsey Barr and Steve Jones to form 'Dad's Army'. We found ourselves sitting next to a table of very noisy Mexicans named '118/118'.

We managed to hold our own for the earlier part of the quiz, where General Knowledge and matters Maritime were the subjects, however we totally lost the plot in the 'Music' round. Next year I hope that more musical Optimist sailors will come along and make up for our deficit in this area.

The winners, a group called DDT (maybe they suffered from Fleas?), led by David Somers won, showing that age and treachery will usually overcome youth and enthusiasm.

Altogether it was a great evening which raised over £400.00 for Otter funds.

Duncan Kay