Charlie at the UKNCCA Squad Training

»«13th and 14th January 2007

The UKNCCA Squad Training has been absolutely brilliant. I feel it's improved my sailing a lot with trainers like Mike McNamara, Guy Brearey, Sophie Harrison and Aaron Cooper. I have learnt a lot on and off water in all areas and I think I've improved.

In practice races with the Squad I've always been around the top three and the Squad includes World Team Members like Peter Lawrence, Josh Pistol and Chris Videlo.

Even if it's been something I've thought I've been good at, they have tweaked it so I have become even better and in areas of weakness they have helped me understand where I was going wrong.

Mike Mac himself said that he was impressed by my great improvement from the training, and said he was very impressed with my sailing. It may have been quite a lot money but it was definitely worth it!

I was thinking, that if all the Otters chipped in, we could perhaps get ex-Cadet sailors to help train us which would help everyone at the Club.

Charlie Matthews