Little Boats and Big Adventures

»«Sunday 18th February 2007

How do you top the story of running aground in a tall ship (Endeavour) and its subsequent total loss, then being saved and having nothing more than what you stand up in?

Well, Roger Taylor did just that at the last Cruiser Fleet lunch of this winter season. He kept 56 of us spellbound, amused and shocked as he told us of how, after washing up in New Zealand, he built a 19ft ferro-cement boat, called Roc, from plan, over a three year time frame.

Roger then entered it in only the 6th solo handed ocean race to be held (New Zealand to Australia), and then how he survived one of the worst cyclones ever to hit Eastern Australia, performing great examples of seamanship and survival skills only to read of his own death!

I hope we can get Roger to give us further examples of his Little Boats and Big Adventures in the future.

Oh and we had a rather splendid lunch too, including wishing Len West a very happy 81st birthday.

Mick King