Musto Skiff Event

»«Saturday 9th December 2006

It was coming together but needed just a little more excitement...... Someone suggested that the helms should have to play a 'joker'. Now who might like to have a go at 'crewing' a Skiff, racing at incredible speeds? Of course, THE OTTERS!

There were so many volunteers that the names had to be drawn. And the lucky winners were, Katie Barr, Katie Chowienczyk, Sarah Chowienczyk, Sarah Dallimore, Alex Harley, Jamie Hill, Jenny Jones, Kathryn Prestwich, Billie Quinlan, Deborah Shanahan, George Somers, Laura Sutton and Alex Wiltshire.

There was some anxious checking of the weather forecast for the weekend but the weather gods smiled and the day was clear and bright with a steady breeze. The helms had to decide when to 'play the joker' as a win with the joker on board meant extra points.

That little idea kept Paul Noonan amused as he tried to work it out because SAIL 100, the computer program used to calculate race results, does not usually allow for Jokers! Check the results to see that he made it work.

Alex Harley and Deborah Shanahan, two of the Jokers, wrote of their experiences. James Harley, who happened to have his harness with him, was offered the chance to helm by Paul Clements and he didn't turn it down. He, too, has written about his attempts to tame the beast!

Sorry, Otters, I don't reckon on Father Christmas bringing you a Skiff this year, you'll just have to save up!

The link below will take you directly to the reports written by Deborah, Alex and James.

Wendy Eagling