A perfect Brass Monkey

»«18th November 2006

Before launching, the Cadets were split into three fleets according to their recent performance and start times were staggered for each fleet so as to complete a 61 minute race. A triangular course with a gate for each beat was set.

C fleet started first, then B fleet two minutes later. Five minutes after that the A fleet started,which gave the A fleet helms plenty of time to complain about their handicap. 11 minutes after the C fleet started was the start time for the Laser - Alex Harley could have had an extra lie in!

The safety teams and Race Officer enjoyed hot chocolate and mulled wine during the racing, but after 61 minutes it was time for the Race Officer to get into a RIB and bring it to a close. This was made very easy because by then all the boats were on the same leg - showing that the handicapping was not far off. Most of the A fleet boats were at the bottom end of the beat while the B and C fleeters and the Laser were a little way ahead.

The winning boat was Katie Barr and Frankie Smith from the C fleet, having led from the very start.

Duncan Ayre