Cruiser Lunch

»«25th November 2006

Prior to eating we had the pleasure of an illustrated talk by Britta Bahr (with a little additional editorial comment) of her and Torsten's summer cruise to Brittany aboard Little Albatross, a tale of High Tides, Rocks and a Dodgy Almanac. During the Q&A at the end it became obvious that previous RCYC cruisers to the area had been keeping secret the location of all the best moorings and eateries in order to keep them from becoming too popular!

We also took the opportunity to launch our 2007 Cruiser Programme and we are looking for some volunteer SODs (Skipper of the Day) to help make it a success, please contact me if you would like to take an active part.

Among the attendees it was nice to see a good mixture of old faces, new members, non-cruiser members and some who had thought you actually had to sign on to the Cruiser Fleet.

We would like to extend a welcome to all Club Members to our forthcoming lunches and events in the New Year, details of which will follow in forthcoming editions of dotcom and via e-mail.

Mick King, Cruiser Fleet Captain