Lookers Volvo Youth Open

»«14th & 15th October 2006

Sixteen Lasers and six 420s entered the event with five races organised over two days. Five visitors entered from the Blackwater Sailing Club - hopefully the start of future collaboration between the Youth elements of the two Clubs. Paul Noonan was Race Officer and ran a five race series over triangular and windward / leeward courses.

In the Lasers, the visitors, Graham Hoy and Tom Wass, gained first and second places in the standard rig as well as first overall. The Otters held on to the other Laser honours with Jamie Munro winning the Radials and Andrew Lis winning the 4.7s (second overall and first Otter). Harry Harris and James Harley were a convincing first in the 420s with Julian Wils and Ben Arnold from BSC, in second place.

Oh yes - and the Disco! Attended by the Youfs and the Not So Young as well.

Phil Shanahan