Otters versus the Piraten

»«12th & 13th May 2007

On the 15th and 16th of July 2006 a Royal Corinthian YC Dragon team went to Hamburg, Germany to race against the 'Norddeutscher Regatta Verein' a club on Lake Alster in the heart of the city. RCYC won and for full details see the RCYC website. However, an unexpected development took place after the racing, which hopefully will be of interest to the Otters...

It's an amazing co-incidence that the Dragons should end up team racing at the Hamburg Club. When their Commodore spoke at the Prizegving, he reminded the Burnham Members of the connections with the Royal Corinthian in the thirties.

Tiny Mitchell, Vice Commodore of the Royal Corinthian in 1930, visited the NRV and was very impressed by their junior club, "The Alster Piraten YC". He used the ideas he saw there to form our own Corinthian Otters.

In 1936 the Otter Commodore Bud Mitchell,Derek Leaf, Paul Grieve and Guy Thompson went to Hamburg to race against the pick of the Pirates in the Olympic Monotype boats. They returned, having won five cups, a prize for rowing and also enjoyed "wonderful entertainment".

In 1937 the Alster Piraten made a return trip to Burnham and raced against the Otters in 12 square metre Sharpies. The Pirates won every race and "taught the Otters some valuable lessons in safety".

Unfortunately, the onset of the second world war in 1939 put an end to future contact.

Back to July 2006. The NVR Commodore announced that he would like to invite the Corinthian Otters to take part in a similar annual event alternating between the two clubs and produced a new trophy that would be the prize. The Alster Piraten sail Optimists, 420s, Lasers, Laser Stratos and the Teeny, a boat similar in size to a Cadet. They have recently added two new 29er's.

So, how about it, Otters?

Kay Tavinor