RCYC Clubhouse reaches 75 years

»«25th July 2006

1930 was a year of dilemma and discussion. Since 1911 the Club had occupied the building now known as 'The Old Clubhouse' but increasing numbers meant that the building was hopelessly inadequate and the only space allotted to the ladies was the balcony. Should they expand or re-locate?

Land to the east became available and the decision was taken. The AGM of 1930 gave the new Commodore, Philip Benson, the mandate to confirm the plans of the up-and-coming architect, Joseph Emberton. The new clubhouse, "a large three-storeyed ferro-concrete structure of advanced design", was opened on Saturday, 25th July 1931.

The total cost, including land and fees, was £12,500.

Wendy Eagling