Ella Rose wins the Plodders’ Pot

»«Saturday 24th June 2006

Whilst most of the members were enjoying the 75th Anniversary of the Club House, Ella Rose was off taking part in the Old Gaffers' Association East Coast Race, along with around 35 other similar vessels ranging from 19ft Gaffers to 40+ foot smacks.

The race itself was hard work for Ella as there was little wind at the start of the race and due to lack of crew Ella was unable to hoist full sail. The 14 mile race took Ella 9 hours twenty minutes and her skipper never wants to stare at the Wallet Spitway buoy for hours and hours again, tides!

However Ella Rose did not come way empty handed as she won the Plodders' Pot for being the last boat to finish (some did not even cross the start line!) and she also won the Concours d'Elegance and received a very nice "Old Harry" print.

Mick King