Rachel and Chris honoured by the RYA

»«13th October 2005

Awards Ceremony took place at the Church House, adjacent to Westminster Abbey where Rachel Threlfall, Dick, my wife, Brenda and I were entertained by the RYA to lunch. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston spoke after lunch, amusing the company with his own special Health & Safety story. Although sailing solo, the H&S rules insist he takes a First Aid kit large enough for a merchant ship!

Rod Carr of the RYA introduced HRH The Princess Royal who was to present the awards to us. She praised the volunteers who do so much to pass on to the youngsters of today their love of the sport of sailing. After the presentation, we had the chance to chat informally to the Princess and explained how it was the established custom for the ex-Otters to return and help train the younger children which impressed her.

So ended a wonderful occasion for both of us and for Dick and Brenda. Rachel and I would like to thank the Corinthian Otters for nominating us for the Community Awards and giving us such a special day.

THE OTTERS' CITATION FOR Rachel Threlfall "Rachel has been helping to run a training programme for novice sailors for 25 years and carries out this role brilliantly. She explains complicated things in a language that seven-year olds can understand, takes advice, listens carefully and throws in all her energy. As a result, she has become a well-loved institution at The Corinthian Otters."

THE OTTERS' CITATION FOR Chris Southcombe "The Corinthian Otters, a sailing club for children, owes its existence to Chris. He spends hours every week repairing RIBS, changing ground tackle on buoys, maintaining trolleys, mowing the lawns and much, much more."

Chris Southcombe