Today is Tuesday 19th March
Tides - 11:05 (4.8M) 23:30 (4.8M)

Otter Sailing

Otter Sailing - Saturday 14th April

We are hoping for some warm weather this weekend for Otter sailing on Saturday - but as always remember that the water will still be very cold and the wind may be chilly so don't leave your warm gear at home just yet!

Beginners Pond Group

Our new Pond Group will begin their sailing today up at the pond at Ratsborough - we wish them all good luck for a super morning and look forward to seeing you all sailing really well in the many years to come!

Parents please arrive at the pond with your child by 9.30am to meet our Pond Trainer, Graeme Page, and his team.  Please remember that a parent or guardian is required to stay with each child throughout our sailing sessions - we are not a drop and run club!

River 1 - On the RIVER!

Today the River 1 group will be joining us for their first sail on the river in their own boats so we are hoping for some light winds and sunshine.    Phil Aspinall will be looking after the group this Saturday and will want make sure all your new boats are properly rigged and ready before heading for the pontoon after the rest of the fleets have launched.  We know that too much waiting around can be tedious for the younger sailors so, for this week, we suggest you time your arrival for a little later than the main fleet and aim to get to the club between 9.45am and 10.00am.

Sailing on the river can be quite different to the pond so we ask our River 1 parents to note that they may be required to remain on the pontoon to encourage their children and assist with boat launching and recovery whilst the session takes place - please ensure you are properly attired with warm clothing and, more importantly, a buoyancy aid!

River 2, Oppie Race, Toppers, Teras, Cadets, Fevas, Lasers, RS200's

All other groups will be sailing as normal - any changes or special instructions will be advised on this page and on Facebook by the Friday evening before so do be sure to check back to make sure you are fully briefed.

Please arrive by 9.30am to get rigged, ready and assist with launching safety ribs.